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pic_shiritori's Journal

The Fun Way to Learn Japanese Vocabulary
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A pictoral version of the popular Japanese word game
♣ about

Shiritori, translated literally as "taking the bottom," is a Japanese word game where one does just that - take the bottom, or last, kana of the word before it to start the next word. There are different optional rules that can be added to the basic ones to make a game more interesting and difficult, but the main point of the game never changes.

In the Japanese drama, "Voice," the characters in one of the episodes play a picture version of this game, taking pictures of their words instead of speaking them aloud. The fun in this kind of play is therefore focused on the taking of pictures rather than coming up with speedy answers.

This comm is where you can try it out for yourself! All you need is a camera and an interest in Japanese; there's room for everyone, from beginners to fluent speakers.
posting ♦

The following MUST be included at the top of all your game posts. For a more in-depth description of these labels and when to use them, go here.

Classification: New game, continuation/rematch, or lightening round.
Level: Beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
Theme: Food & drink, people, places, objects, phrases, animals, plants, or free for all.
Special rules: Any that you like. Also include here that internet images are permissible if you have a theme that doesn't lend itself to self-taken photos.
Max number of players: Including yourself. Keep in mind it goes in turns.
Starting pic: Please don't forget this. :P
♥ rules

1. One game post per player at a time. You can participate in as many game posts at once as you want.
2. Include your game's information (see 'posting') at the beginning of your post.
3. All posted pics must be taken by YOU, unless otherwise stated as part of a special theme (ex. people - please don't go stalking down Japanese celebrities for pictures).
4. All posted pics must be no more than 500x375 or 375x500 pixels in size. If you feel particularly proud of how a pic came out, do feel free to share a LINK to the full size.
5. Post the word for the subject of your picture in romaji and hiragana/katakana, along with the English translation.
6. No ~explicit~ content in your pictures, please.
7. Familiarize yourself with the tags in the sidebar (when we get them XD).
playing ♠

Once you've made your post to the community, your game has started! It's a first-come, first-served basis limited only by the max number of players you've specified and your own knowledge.

A game ends when someone uses a word that ends with ん or you decide to call it quits. If a player is stumped, they're out of the game; if there are still at least two players left, you can continue the game without the outed person, or choose to end it. There's no time limit except in lightening round games, so go at your own pace.

That said, go grab your camera and have some fun! Take some time to check out the links below, they're there to help you. ;)